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While simple the animation is nice. The volume is entirely too loud. The sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. If you re-recorded the sound so it wasn't so distorted and lowered the volume substantially it would have rated much higher.

mileyniko responds:

Muchas gracias la verdad esta animacion no la iva a subir porque el audio es de microfono de pc y la animacion del 2009 je pero muchas gracias me sirve mucho tus aportes =D Saludos!!!

That was great.

I think it was very well done. The voice acting sounds like it was a pretty good quality recording. The music fits well. And most importantly with the sound, it wasn't so damned loud that my ears bled. The drawing/animation seems to be really well done. I was impressed at how well the lip-synching was done. The only thing I'd change is the picture(s) of the sodium reaction on the white board. I think it would fit in better if it were drawn to fit the style of the animation rather than being an imported jpg of a real reaction.

Yusuf responds:


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First off, please don't interpret the 0 as negative. I don't think unfinished games/demos/betas belong in the portal. It'd be better to upload it to your dumping grounds and post a link on the bbs asking for feedback.

The third level freezes up when the ball gets in the white tiles on the left. It still lets me show/hide the profiler. But nothing else works.

All in all, I think the 'remove blocks to get item to goal' genre has been nearly done to death. I'd suggest adding some kind of mechanic that makes your game a little more original. Maybe you have to time removing the blocks so the ball doesn't get hit by lasers.

I think it would look better if the ball rolled rather than gliding.

You have quite a memory leak going on. The FPS has stayed at an average of 60 +/- 1.5. Though the memory started at ~18MB. It has gone up to ~72MB. The garbage collection does get called occasionally, but the amount of memory used after GC rises each time.

I think you should include a mute button.

Depending on what you do with the game, I think the potential to be a fun game is there. When you want feedback on the next version I'd highly recommend uploading it to http://www.newgrounds.com/dump and then post in the Flash forum asking for feedback.

Hassan213 responds:

Thanks a bunch! Will do!

I loved the first Transmorpher. I'm thrilled that it did well enough for you to be able to make a sequel. But, I feel like this one came up a bit short.

In 1, it was great that you could use the num-pad to morph. The lack of the num pad for morphing cripples the controls of the game for me.

The level design kind of feels like it's lacking in the cleverness/puzzle area. Part of what made the first one so fantastic is that it required some thought to beat. This one just feels like you're going through the motions.

I noticed that after about three levels, I stopped caring about the slime 'coins' and stars. There really wasn't any incentive to pick them up.

All in all, I think it's still a really cool game with a neat mechanic.

FlashRushGames responds:

We will make "Transmorpher 2 puzzle mode" more similar to "Transmorpher 1", with levels on one screen and many puzzles, soon.

This is a very interesting game. I think you pulled it off well and you should be proud of it.

There were two things that kept me from continuing on with the game after a few levels. The pace feels quite slow. I didn't dig using the arrow keys to move around. I'd much prefer to be able to assign my own keys. WASD would have been acceptable as well.

GroZZleR responds:

Somehow I broke WASD between versions. It's all fixed now. Sorry about that.

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I'm normally not into dub step; it's just not really my cup of tea.

That being said, this is really damned good; you did a great job on it.

I don't normally dig ambient music, but

This song is quite good. It sounds like the drums/bass is breaking up a bit around the 40 second-ish mark. But other than that it's actually quite pleasant to listen to.

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The only thing that would have made this better is if his ride had hydraulics.

ToonHole responds:

And lights on the bottom! OH NO NOW I SHOULD REDRAW THIS DAMMIT

With that jaw-line, can you really blame God?

As always, your comics both make me laugh and realize just how much I can't draw.

ToonHole responds:

That's a shame, they should show you how much _I_ can't draw.

You, sir, are an evil bastard. That's why I enjoy your comics so much. That artwork really reminds me of spumco (the Ren & Stimpy guys).

ToonHole responds:

Thanks so much! I grew up with Ren and Stimpy, and now I work with some of those guys : )

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